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    Rounded Natural Bone Inlay Mirror with bone carvings


    This beautiful  natural bone inlay mirror is made to a very high quality and design, with its intricately carved bone inlay on a wooden frame makes it an incredibly piece to hang in any room.

    This is Indian craftsmanship at its best….With the highest quality material in bone and then polished, stands out as a stunning piece of furniture.

    Full Length Mirror  in a rounded frame size 39 inch x 72 inch




    NOTE: All Buffalo bone is honorably soured from India.   Variations can be found in natural bone products.




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    The intricate and timeless art of bone inlay is a tradition that has been handed down through generations and is practiced in Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur regions of Rajasthan in India. Handmade and crafted to the highest specifications, the art of bone inlay has its origins in the royal palaces of Rajasthan where Maharajas commissioned extravagant inlay furniture pieces such as cabinets, chests, tables, chairs and even mirrors. This intriguing art is unique to India and the skilfully handcrafted bone inlay furniture pieces are exported around the world for their intricate patterns and incredible style. Arrangement of bone carvings on timber. Inlay is the technique of inserting pieces of contrasting material into depressions made on a base object. In bone inlay, the discarded bones of camels passed away due to natural causes are used. So one can enjoy these fine furniture pieces without feeling guilty because no animal is harmed. The production of bone inlay furniture is a three step process and requires up to a month to create. First the fragments of camel bones are shaped delicately. Then these intricate shapes are affixed onto timber frame in a detailed pattern. After this, resin is filled around the bone shapes to craft the background. The bone pieces are offset by striking colour of the resin to create an exotic looking oriental piece of furniture. The best part of bone inlay furniture is that they are visually stunning with beautiful and unique patterns and no two pieces are same. These furniture are truly extravagant and so exquisite that one cannot deny the craftsmanship involved.


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