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    Penelope Payne


    My name is Penelope Payne, born in England and a daughter of a squadron leader in the Royal Air Force I was able to travel the world visiting many interesting countries and places. Through my travels I got a feel for the different cultures and people and it was through my travels I developed a passion for Mother of Pearl sea shell. My company is relatively new, but with all my manufacturers having many years of experience and expert knowledge in Mother of Pearl sea shell inlay they are able to bring a very high quality and finish to my designs. I have skillful Artisans from India, inspiring creativity from the Philippines and top metal designer manufacturers from Canada. It is with the help of these companies I am able to create stunning pieces of furniture in all colours of Mother of Pearl sea shell… from the beautiful paua green abalone shell with hues of green, turquoise and pink, the huge brownliip shell with shades of golds, brown and cream to the serene and iridescent qualities of white oyster pearl… all the colours are incredibly beautiful to work with and coupled with my vision in mother of pearl shell design I can create for you a stunning creation.


    How Did We Get Here

    The company was formed in 2019 with idea of designing furniture using Mother of pearl shell. Mother of pearl is a stunningly beautiful shell with its array of incredible colours from the peacock hues of Abalone shell to the gleaming lustre of white mother of pearl with it’s translucent beauty which is admired all over the world. Sourcing my manufacturers all over the world was a very enjoyable task. I would like to say a big thank you to all the incredible Artisans who made it possible to produce these stunning pieces of furniture. I hope you too will enjoy the beauty of all the shell products available on my website.


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