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    Designer Soft Solid Pink Dining Table in Mother of Pearl (Random Design)

    Square Modern ultra sensational pale pink mother of pearl dining table set in a random design. The reflection of pale pink to silver with deeper hues of pink are stunning!
    This incredible dining table is a unique piece of handmade furniture.

    Availble in any size for your dining room. It comes with gold centerpiece metal legs.

    Please request sizing for the table and we will quote you a price.
    This table has a resin finish to protect the shell finish.

    To clean use a soft detergent and wipe with a dry cloth.

    Table 160cm x 160cm x 3.5cm



    This beautiful Designer square modern table top seats 8 people very comfortably. It is handmade to a very high specification. Mother of Pearl quality handpicked and cut sea shells are picked to create a Mother of Pearl table top in a random design dyed pale pink soft colour sea shell. The shell is transluscent and inlaid over the colour of choosing to create an impressive colouring of inlaid shell.

    Each dining table can be customized to your sizing and requirements. It is unique in character and only available only by Luxury Shell Design

    Easy to care for maintenance. To clean, wipe over with a soft detergent using a damp cloth and dry.

    Size: Square Modern 160cm x 160cm x 3.5 cm

    Seats 8 people comfortably.


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