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    Toothbrush Holder in Amethyst Gemstone


    A natural agate gemstone toothbrush holder or vase container which is beautifully crafted by hand to give a stunning look to any bathroom.
    This is handmade so variations of colour and markings of stone can be found in every piece.
    Material is finished with a natural polish and is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and then dry.

    Size 8 x 8 x 13cm

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    Semi-Precious Gemstones are Nature’s legacy in every respect. Nature’s hidden treasures can be put to use in our day to day lives. Raw stones for making our exquisite range comes from across the globe. For example Lapis comes from Afghanistan, Red Jasper from Africa, Amethyst from Uruguay, Petrified Wood from Africa, Blue Agate from Brazil, Tiger Eye & Malachite from Africa again and Aventurine is found in India. All the processing of stones from cutting to polishing are making the final product. The production process starts with selection of raw material that is quarried in various places around the globe and is handpicked to achieve the best color, shape and size. The raw material is put through a long process of cutting and setting in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, using specialized epoxy glue that has been especially developed. The slabs are manufactured in 2-3 cm thickness as standard or customized, based on special request. The stones are pretty expensive as the raw material is rare and their availability is getting rarer.


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