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    Golden Capiz Shell Dining Table


    Golden Capiz custom made dining table.
    Availble in any size for your dining room.

    Please request sizing for the table and we will quote you a price.
    This table has a resin finish to protect the shell finish.

    To clean use a soft detergent and wipe with a dry cloth.

    Table 160cm x 120cm x 3.5cm


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    This Table is made from high quality handpicked Golden colour Capiz shells, (Placuna Placenta mollusk) and the shells are found mostly from the native seas of south east asia, Indonesia and the Philippines. A very thin and transluscent sea shell which made into a table top is a stunning and beautiful piece.
    The handmade table is designed in a fish scale capiz design, with a thin layer of resin to protect the shell.

    Custom made dining table to your size requirements.

    Easy to care for maintenance. To clean, wipe over with a damp cloth and dry.

    Size 160 x 120 x 3.5cm



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