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    Designer Freestanding Bathtub in Blacklip Mother of Pearl

    This is a Designer Custom made organic Mother of Pearl exclusive freestanding bathtub created by Luxury Shell Design.
    This freestanding bathtub is made from high quality sought after and precision cut mother of pearl blacklip sea shell. It has a random design of triangle cut sea shells with shades of black, silver, green with light yellow to create a stunning vision in a custom made bathtub. This freestanding bathtub is unique and is made to give the owner a superlative luxurious experience in bathing.

    The MOP Signature Designer bathtubs are designed by me in 2021 but my manufacturer has been supplying MOP high end quality products for more than 16 years with over 6 years experience  in washbasins and bathtubs. They are 200% watertight with a guarantee of over 10 years without chipping or the shell coming loose from the mould with normal use. The MOP bathtubs are unique pieces of furniture and should be cleaned according to our maintenance instructions where no abrasive material is used to rub the bath or any acid products on cleaning to keep the shine.  The bathtubs are so stunningly beautiful similar to jewelry and should be handled with care!

    They can be completed within 40 days of order with free worldwide shipping.




    Available in three sizes and three models with 8 colours in Mother of Pearl sea shell to adorn every bathroom.

    DESIGN : LSD1 1878 x 835 x 600mm

    DESIGN : LSD2 1683 x 743 x 610mm

    DESIGN :  LSD3 1988 x 1094 x 710mm



    A Designer freestanding exclusive Mother of Pearl Bathtub made to a very high quality and luxurious finish.
    The designer collection of superlative freestanding baths are unique and custom made only available by Luxury Shell Design.
    They come in three designs and three sizes to fit the need of every bathroom, along with a range of eight Mother of Pearl sea shell colours.

    Please see designs, sizing and colours available.

    This is a handmade organic product with a resin base.  Shell inlay on the interior & exterior of the mould.



    This stunning material is sourced all over the world and being a very strong and durable material it is suitable for the manufacture of washbasins and bathtubs.

    MOP is mainly composed of Calcium carbonate so it has an aversion  of ACID and ALKALI, but ordinary very weak acid and alkali products cannot constitute erosion.

    To clean this product no abrasive materials should be used to keep the shine of the MOP.

    To clean use a soft detergent with water and wipe dry.

    To order takes 40 days to manufacture plus shipping.



    • Superior interior and exterior finished and polished in Mother of Pearl
    • 100% watertight guarantee
    • Resin mould available in 3 designs and sizes.
    • Inclusive outlet pipe & bath stopper in MOP or metal finish.
    • Free worldwide Shipping.


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