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    Sideboard in Crackle White Hammer Mother of Pearl Shell


    A beautiful Designer sideboard in White Hammer and Mother of Pearl Sea shell. A Modern simple design created to show off the full vision and beauty of this shell. It has a cream, white finish with flecks of brown from the natural beautiful shell. The resin laquer overall gives it a shiny high gloss finish which is very easy to maintain and protects the sea shell.

    SIZE: 200cm x 50cm x 86cm

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    This Designer sideboard is custom made by Luxury Shell Design. It is a beautiful nautural sea shell found in the crevices of the rocky shoreline in the Indonsian Ocean and a native shell of the Philippines. It is called White Hammer sea shell (Malleus Albul) and has a T shaped form. The lining of the shell has pieces of Mother of Pearl inside so precisely cut and manufactured it creates a shiny moon like appearance. This sideboard has a random shell design with the natural hues of cream, white and flecks of brown to create a stunning shell Designer sideboard. This design is modern, classy and simply to optimize the vision and full potential of this beautiful shell overall. It has 4 doors with a push open mechanism (no door handles) with 2 drawers in the middle.

    This sideboad can be customized to any size requirement. Please let us know how we can help.

    The sideboard has a resin lacquer finish to protect the natural shell.
    Easy to maintain by wiping over with a damp cloth and dry.

    SIZE: 200cm x 50cm x 86cm


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