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    Sideboard in Crackle Brownlip Oyster Mother of Pearl Shell


    A beautiful Designer sideboard in Brownlip Oyster and Mother of Pearl Sea shell. A Modern simple design created to show off the full vision and beauty of this shell. It has copper, brown, pink and green hues of dazzling Mother of Pearl colours in this natural incredibly beautiful Oyster shell.

    The resin laquer overall gives it a shiny high gloss finish which is very easy to maintain and protects the sea shell.

    SIZE: 200cm x 50cm x 86cm

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    This Designer sideboard is custom made by Luxury Shell Design. It is a beautiful nautural sea shell found in the crevices of the rocky shoreline in the Indonsian ocean and a native shell of the Philippines. It is called Brownlip Oyster sea shell (Pteria Penguin) and has a winged shaped form. The Brownlip Oyster has a very lustrous brown finish with a mother of pearl interior so precisely cut and manufactured it creates a shiny dazzling like appearance. This sideboard has a large random shell design with the natural hues of copper, brown, pink and green to create a stunning shell Designer sideboard. This Design is modern, classy and simple to optimize the vision and full potential of this beautiful shell overall. It has 4 doors with a push open mechanism (no door handles) with 2 drawers in the middle. The sideboard feet are also intricately inlaid in shell to create an overal materpiece in furniture!

    This sideboad can be customized to any size requirement. Please let us know how we can help.

    The sideboard has a resin lacquer finish to protect the natural shell.
    Easy to maintain by wiping over with a damp cloth and dry.

    SIZE: 200cm x 50cm x 86cm


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