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    Cracked Violet Oyster Mother of Pearl Dining Table


    A stunning dining table in a Violet Oyster shell with a cracke finish. This dining table design is unique and only available by Luxury Shell Design.


    Size:  160cm x 120cm x 3.5cm


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    Violet Oyster (Placuna oyster shell) is a very exotic sea shell from the mussel family. It is called violet oyster from it purple hues of the shell and can be found in Philippines waters.

    This table top is available in all sizes to fit your dining area.  Please get in touch so we can make a customized table for your room and dazzle your guests with the quality and high end finish.

    The table top can be mounted on any table legs of your choice and colour but with this particular shell, the gold metal legs bring out the vibrant shades of the sea shell in violet and purple.

    Easy maintenance: Clean with a soft detergent using a damp cloth and dry.


    SIZE: 160cm x 120cm x 3.5cm




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